Transforming ambitious European companies into global players

« Thanks to our multi-local team composed of renowned experts, we benefit from unique sourcing capabilities. »
Philippe Poletti
CEO of Ardian France and Head of Ardian Buyout
« Thanks to our multi-local team composed of renowned experts, we benefit from unique sourcing capabilities. »

Ardian’s European-leading Buyout team invests in high-quality mid- and large-cap companies across Western Europe, applying transformational strategies which enable them to become global leaders in their niche market.

Strong, experienced team with a global focus, deeply rooted in Europe

Top quartile and stable track record across six generations of funds, investing in companies with EV between €300m & €2bn, 90% in Europe and up to 10% in North America

• Successful and proven investment model backed by unique sourcing ability which allows a strong flow of both primary and proprietary deals

• More than 80 investments and over 170 build-ups since 1997, with €800 to €1,200m invested or committed each year

• 43 team members, comprising 40% of Managing Directors with an average of 17 years of experience in PE

Ardian is a trusted partner thanks to the team’s deep sector experience, extending across geographies. The team are committed to investment excellence and have a track record of exceptional and consistent performance, through economic cycles.

Approach to value creation. Ardian Buyout applies a strong investment framework to transforming companies and creating value:

• Strong governance and management reinforcement

• Operational support

• Buy & build

• Digital, IT transformation & Sustainability

Ardian’s deep expertise and experience, along with its multi-local teams and strong brand, gives it an exceptional deal sourcing capability. More than half of its investments in the most recent fund were primary LBOs, and more than half were proprietary deals, a trend which has increased across each generation.

Ardian has a core capacity for creating value from complex situations. This ability resonates particularly in family buyout and carve-out deals where Ardian is a preferred partner.

Ardian invests across Western Europe and North America through 7 offices, focusing on eight business expertise (Healthcare, Insurance Services, Consumer Goods & Innovative Retail, Food Ingredient & Agrobusiness, Chemicals, Engineering, Aeronautics and TIC) combined with five long-term growth themes which account for 90% of all investments:

• Quality of life & health

• Natural products and the environment

• Consumer experience

• Value-add product processes

• Compliance and process efficiency


Key figures

800 to €1,200M invested or committed each year

>80 investments and more than 170 build-ups since 1997

>40 employees

Investor Relations

« Client interests come first »

Dominique Senequier



Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 150+ businesses.