Implement transforming strategies for the future’s worldwide leaders

« Our ambition is to help national "champions" or Europeans to become global leaders within their market. »
Philippe Poletti
CEO of Ardian France, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of the Buyout activity.
« Our ambition is to help national "champions" or Europeans to become global leaders within their market. »

Through its fundraising and investment successes, Ardian has established a leading Buyout position in Europe. With its latest fund of €4.5bn (500 million co-investment) raised in 2016, the team seeks to acquire and develop companies valued between €250M and €1.5bn.

Capitalize on a stringent investment discipline and a unique "sourcing". Established in 1997, the Buyout activity aims to buy and develop leading companies on their markets, often already very internationalized, with potential untapped development. Ardian’s Buyout activity incorporates a disciplined investment approach. Our expertise covers various relevant scenarios, from asset succession, to companies' delisting or large groups' spin-off. Our approach is very selective and we are getting involved early on in the sales process. We are constantly looking for growth sectors and attractive companies and are commited to identifying a value creation strategy prior to making an investment. With a very selective approach and a high level of due diligence, the team focuses on majority transactions while retaining the flexibility to act on attractive minority stake deals with strong governance rights.

Take advantage from international network. With a presence across key markets in continental Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain), the team’s 36 investment professionals employ both their local expertise and Ardian’s international network to support the growth of portfolio companies.

Supporting transformational strategies. The team focuses on companies with both internal and external growth ambitions and is deeply involved in the implementation of transformational strategies, including buy-and-build and international greenfield expansion.

A long-term investment. As a long-term partner for the companies in which we invest, our Buyout team aims to create value for the company, for its employees, for its wider environment and for all shareholders, involving managers and employees at every stage.

Key figures

800 to €1,200M invested or committed each year

>80 investments and more than 170 build-ups since 1997

>40 employees

Investor Relations

« Client interests come first »

Dominique Senequier



Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 150+ businesses.