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" For seventeen years, we have been working alongside entrepreneurs during key milestones of their development. Our closeness and expertise form the base of this trustful relationship and allows us to face together the challenge of growth. "
Laurent Foata
Head of Ardian Growth

The Ardian Growth team supports small to medium sized businesses with a turnover between €5m and €100m. The team focuses on companies that have the potential for strong, sustained growth in their core markets, are visible domestically and are looking to expand internationally.

Consolidating and driving growth. The team uses its 17 years of experience across 120 companies to provide businesses with the local support they need at key milestones in their development. This can be through facilitating timely acquisitions or by aiding with international expansion.

A locally-based partner. Ardian uses its market expertise and network of contacts to strengthen the human capital of the companies in which it invests. This entrepreneurial spirit, along with the firm’s global presence, helps to give companies greater international exposure.

Broad capital deployment. The team acquires both minor and major stakes in companies, investing between €2m and €10m through capital increases, repurchases, or transmission leveraged buyouts.

As part of this commitment to dynamic and fast-growing sectors, the Ardian Growth Team founded the Digital Entrepreneurs Club, partnering with TECH IN France and the Association for Digital Economy (ACSEL).

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Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 130 businesses.