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Modern tools transform the investor experience

Ardian has attracted many new LPs over the past two years and now has more than 880 investors, including 350 High Net Worth Individuals.

As the number of investors we engage with grows, and our range of funds continues to expand, we have expanded our network of offices with new bases in Tokyo, Seoul and Santiago. Our goal is to provide an excellent personal service for our investors, and to invest in high-quality digital tools that will give them the flexibility to access the data they need on demand. 

We have already streamlined certain of our processes through technology, for example to gather information and process LPs’ due diligence questionnaires. However, we are now looking to go further, and digitize our LP reporting with a new online portal.

Ardian has always believed in full, transparent reporting to LPs but up to now the quarterly information we provide has been static. Our plan is to replace this with a digital dashboard that will allow LPs to see all the information on their different investments with us in one place. The dashboard will provide full real-time performance data for their portfolios along with cash-flow projections. We also plan to give our LPs direct access to the underlying data on their holdings so that they can do their own analysis.

We are growing rapidly and attracting large numbers of new LPs–half the investors in our latest Co-Investment Fund are new to Ardian, for example. Digital technology holds the key to providing a fast, efficient, high-quality Investor Relations service to a growing global pool of LPs.

“The challenge now is to provide our LPs with access to our data in a much more flexible way. The digital dashboard we are developing will transform the way we report to our LPs.”

Benoît Verbrugghe
Head of Ardian US and of Investor Relations, and Member of the Executive Committee

Ardian launches first feeder funds

As part of our fundraising for Co-Investment Fund V, we have successfully launched our first feeder funds with three private banks in France and a fourth in Luxembourg. Under these partnerships, the banks pooled commitments from clients who wished to invest less than the fund’s minimum ticket size of €1m.

This project represents a new distribution channel for our funds and met with strong demand. The four feeders each attracted between 50 and 150 investors, opening a new pool of investors for Ardian and providing an attractive, differentiated product offering for our four private banking partners.

2018 Activity Report