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Unrivalled flexibility and access to top managers across the world
Olivier Decannière Head of Ardian UK and Member of the Executive Committee

Olivier Decannière
Head of Ardian UK and Member of the Executive Committee

Customized investment mandates–one of the key focus areas of Ardian particularly since the time of the spinoff–broke yet another record in 2018: new mandates with projected future commitments of over $3bn were confirmed. To Ardian, this tells not only about the overall growth in investor demand for tailored investment portfolios, but also about the trust and satisfaction that investors have in Ardian’s mandate management and services.

But why have Ardian Mandates grown so strongly? Ardian believes it is because of flexibility and access. At Ardian, we tailor each mandate around the client’s organization, investment needs and preferred ways of collaboration. We combine funds across private market strategies, segments and regions. For this, the large Fund of Funds platform that we have today is key, with around $5bn on average invested annually in primaries and secondaries, providing access to top managers across the world. We offer discretionary and non-discretionary mandates, giving the investors the choice to decide how much they want to be involved in their mandate. Our investors define their own investment horizon and targets and when those targets change, the mandate solution adapts. And in addition, of course, our investors get the operational and reporting services they need. 

Within Europe, appetite for Ardian Mandates is also increasing outside our core markets of Germany, Switzerland and France. Southern Europe became a new investor region for Ardian Mandates in 2018.Outside of Europe, we are seeing demand particularly in Latin America and in Asia. Finally, we continue to develop our mandate offering for the relatively mature market in North America.

“Particularly for institutions looking to start investing in private market assets, Ardian Mandates are an excellent entry-route because these investors can benefit from Ardian’s scale and infrastructure from day one.”

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