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Mathias Burghardt Head of Ardian Infrastructure and Member of the Executive Committee

Mathias Burghardt
Head of Ardian Infrastructure and Member of the Executive Committee

Ardian cemented its position among the top-tier of infrastructure players during 2018 with a series of strategically important transactions in Europe and North America. Ardian Infrastructure became the world’s second-biggest owner of toll roads with significant presence in Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and France following the acquisition of a 40% stake in Gavio Group in addition to a previous toll road transaction with Ascendi.

In the US, Ardian’s four-strong team, now including Co-Head Mark Voccola, undertook a series of transactions through Skyline Renewables, the US renewable energy platform created in partnership with TPH. These deals, which bring Skyline’s generation capacity to 800MW, are important steps in Ardian’s strategy to create a major independent renewable power business in the US focused on onshore wind farms.

Alongside the team’s investment activities, Ardian Infrastructure has carried out industry-leading work on the opportunities for infrastructure owners and investors from the digitalization of the asset class. The ‘Augmented Infrastructure‘ report published at the end of the project explains how the blending of digital services with physical assets can create value. Ardian now assesses its portfolio regularly using the benchmarks set out in ‘Augmented Infrastructure.‘

“Ardian is more than a financial investor in infrastructure. We have now reached a scale and level of expertise where we can approach governments as a legitimate industrial player.”

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