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The leading growth capital investor in continental Europe
Laurent Foata Head of Ardian Growth

Laurent Foata
Head of Ardian Growth

Ardian Growth took a major step forward during 2018, closing Ardian Growth II at €250m, nearly four times the size of its predecessor. More than 80% of the LPs in the new fund are entrepreneurs, confirming Ardian’s position as the key brand in growth capital across continental Europe with access to an unrivaled network of contacts.

The Growth team invests in businesses across multiple industries that are benefiting from digital transformation, on top of their franchise in software publishing, IT services, online marketing and e-commerce. They combine sophisticated big data analysis of news, financial and social media sources populating their proprietary IT screening platform with an active events program to connect with high-growth companies and entrepreneurs all over continental Europe.

Through 2018, Ardian Growth completed four new investments, extending its position in southern Europe with its second deal in Spain, as well as two further transactions in Italy. The team has expanded significantly to reflect Ardian’s increasing presence in growth capital, adding four new members during the year.

“In our line of business, with primary exposure to digitalization’s secular trend, far-reaching access to information and extracting actionable insights from it in real time is a must have. We learned this from our entrepreneurs, and practice daily to stay ahead of the crowd.”

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