Sustainability Report 2018
TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Sustainability Report 2018

Investment activities

Sustainability in our investments

Ardian is a pioneer of Responsible Investment in Private Equity and Real Assets.

Our Sustainability team consists of four full-time specialists and the leadership of our company is deeply involved in implementing our Responsible Investment agenda.

We believe that Ardian is in a position to be a very influential force for improving sustainability performance, thanks to its major ownership positions in scores of companies. This gives our efforts a ‘multiplier effect’ that few other businesses of our size can match.

To ensure we use our position as effectively as possible, we have developed proprietary ESG tools and measurement systems for each of our activities to monitor and improve performance in our portfolio companies. In applying them, we take a highly pragmatic, tailored approach that identifies and addresses the most material issues for each company, depending on their situation. We have never believed that ‘one size fits all‘ where ESG is concerned.

Our portfolio engagement program has included pioneering analysis quantifying the financial value we created through ESG improvement programs.

These efforts are a reflection of our collective ambition as well as of the strategic importance sustainability has gained within Ardian over the past decade.

Maximizing the positive impact of our investments with a tailored approach

Ardian follows distinct policies and processes for each of our investment activities which we apply at every stage of the investment process.


Four full-time employees in the Sustainability team which is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy across all of Ardian’s activities

Candice Brenet,
Head of Sustainability
April Tissier,
Sustainability Manager
Tamara Krzisch,
Sustainability Analyst
Laura Andremont,
Sustainability Analyst