Sustainability Report 2018
TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Sustainability Report 2018

Commited to leading by example

Our people are committed to leading by example

Being a leader in the investment industry, it is both desirable and necessary for Ardian to be at the forefront of how sustainability is ingrained within the core of the business.

The Green Challenge : Reducing the environmental impact of Ardian’s offices one step at a time

We want to promote our sustainability agenda inside the company and outside, and especially to reduce the impact our everyday activities have on the environment. We have developed the Green Challenge to set ourselves small, easily achievable goals that in the long term will deliver meaningful improvements.

The challenge created great employee engagement, reinforced our commitment to taking concrete actions to support our beliefs and showed the impact we can have when we all change our behavior in small ways. For the next round of our Green Challenge, we plan to reduce our use of plastic bottles in the Paris office, organize an internal conference on Zero Waste, and extend the initiative to our international network in collaboration with the Millennial Executive Committee.

Profit sharing

We have been encouraging wider profit sharing by our portfolio companies for more than a decade and have recently extended the internal profit-sharing program from our French entity to include every Ardian employee globally, regardless of whether or not they are shareholders in our company. As a result every member of staff shares in the profits Ardian generates.

Each year Ardian allocates a portion of its profit to each employee. While this is a mandatory requirement for companies of a certain size in France, what’s innovative at Ardian regarding this approach is:

  • The amount distributed to each employee is equal and does not depend on seniority in the company or rank or salary.
  • It has been extended beyond legal requirements to all other offices abroad so all employees at Ardian can benef it from this profit sharing.
  • Employee ownership

    One of Ardian’s most important and distinctive features is our ownership structure: we are an employee-controlled company in which staff own 55% of the share capital. Around 60% of our staff are shareholders and we are constantly adding to that number as new joiners take the opportunity to invest.

    Ardian Women’s club

    We launched Ardian Women’s Club in May 2018 to create a mutual support network for female employees that enables them to meet regularly, expand their professional networks and discuss topics of common interest. The club provides female volunteers to act as mentors to its members, 30 of whom are now receiving a one-year program of one-to-one support and advice. It also holds debating workshops, conferences and sponsored sports events in support of charity. The first chapter of Ardian Women’s Club was launched in Paris but we intend to expand the club to our international offices.

    female employees received
    one-year’s mentoring from a
    a senior female employee

    Preventing discrimination

    In order to attract and retain the most talented people, we believe that it is important to develop innovative HR policies that prevent discrimination on the grounds of personal characteristics, qualities and beliefs. We encourage diversity among our employees and look to our Equal Opportunities Officer to take the lead in supporting our efforts and ensuring everyone receives the same fair and transparent treatment. We have a formal statement of equal professional opportunities between men and women and quality of working life.

    We apply this in three major areas:

    • Recruitment: where we apply selection criteria based solely on personal skills and ability.
    • Training: where we ensure equal access to opportunities to develop skills and attain qualifications.
    • Career Development: our annual staff reviews are undertaken by managers trained to assess progress and propose professional development programs objectively and without discrimination.

    Young employees

    We also believe it is important to take into consideration the youngest generation of employees. Every member of staff under 26 receives mentoring from a senior colleague. In 2016 for its twentieth-anniversary, Ardian decided to take the time to reflect on what the next 20 years should bring Ardian. One of the main outcomes was the Millennial Executive Committee which aims to allow younger Ardian employees to propose the projects they want the company to pursue and to have direct input into the decision-making of Ardian’s Executive Committee.