sustainability report 2018

Ardian empowers
individuals to collectively
create sustainable value
for all stakeholders.

Dominique Senequier
President of Ardian

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Finance must operate as a force for good in society. Ardian, the company I founded 22 years ago, has long recognized this truth and for the past decade we have been pioneers in putting our ideals into practice. We have experimented and developed our knowledge step by step, innovating and learning as we go to create the most comprehensive and effective approach to sustainability we can devise.

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Ardian’s sustainability vision

Philippe Poletti & Candice Brenet
in conversation

Philippe Poletti, Head of Ardian Buyout and Member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of the Sustainability Committee, discusses Ardian’s sustainability vision and ambitions with Candice Brenet, Head of Sustainability

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Ardian’s sustainability story

from 2008
to 2018

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Committed to leading by example

Being a leader in the investment industry, it is both desirable and necessary for Ardian to be at the forefront of how sustainability is ingrained within the core of the business.

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Increasing social mobility

“The Foundation has two major aims. It allows Ardian as a company to give back to the community, and it gives our staff an easy way to dedicate part of their time to philanthropy and voluntary work.” Yann Bak, President of the Ardian Foundation

Through the Ardian Foundation, our company donates a share of its profits to initiatives that promote our vision of social mobility, while more than 150 of our staff support these programs personally by giving their time, money and knowledge.

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Collaborating for sustainable finance

Ardian has a long history as a pioneering advocate of sustainability in the Private Investment industry.

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Sustainability in our investments

Ardian is a pioneer of Responsible Investment in Private Equity and Real Assets. Our Sustainability team consists of four full-time specialists and the leadership of our company is deeply involved in implementing our Responsible Investment agenda. We believe that Ardian is in a position to be a very influential force for improving sustainability performance, thanks to its major ownership positions in scores of companies.

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One step
for social
and environmental good

Ardian follows distinct policies and processes for each of our investment activities which we apply at every stage of the investment process.

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Ardian follows distinct policies and
processes for each of our investment
activities which we apply at every
stage of the investment process.

Case studies

Actively engaging with GPs

We are the world’s biggest investor in secondary Fund of Funds assets, with a portfolio of $51bn, as well as being a major provider of primary capital to General Partners around the world. As such, we have close links with more than 200 GPs, mainly in Europe and North America.

Benoît Verbrugghe

Head of Ardian US, Head of Investor Relations and Member of the Executive Committee, discusses the Fund of Funds team’s approach to working with GPs to improve ESG performance

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80 %
of GPs report that
they have a
formal ESG policy

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93 %
of respondents say they
incorporate ESG
assessment into their
due diligence,
with 77% doing so on
a systematic basis
(up from 68%)

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