Sustainability Report 2018
TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Sustainability Report 2018

Dominique Senequier’s Foreword

Finance must operate as a force for good in society. Ardian, the company I founded 22 years ago, has long recognized this truth and for the past decade we have been pioneers in putting our ideals into practice. We have experimented and developed our knowledge step by step, innovating and learning as we go to create the most comprehensive and effective approach to sustainability we can devise.

Our very first step on this journey in 2008 was my decision to start sharing the capital gains we realized on exit with all employees of the companies involved. Distributing a portion of our gains whenever possible is now the norm for Ardian: to date 20,250 employees of 27 companies have received a total of more than €48m. Sharing remains a core value for us because it represents our recognition that success – both for companies and for communities – depends on the collective efforts of everyone involved. Shared responsibilities should bring shared rewards.

Over the past decade our conviction that Ardian must be a leader in sustainability has touched every aspect of our activities. It has changed the way we invest and how we measure the performance of our companies and the GPs in our Fund of Funds portfolio. It has impacted how we operate as a company and the contribution we make to society through the Ardian Foundation. And it has motivated us to become outspoken advocates for sustainability among our industry peers.

“Over the past decade our conviction that Ardian must be a leader in sustainability has touched every aspect of our activities.”

We have come a long way and now we believe the time is right to draw together the many sustainability initiatives we have set in motion and crystallize them all into a single vision. Our vision of sustainability – across everything we do – is to empower individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Setting out our guiding principle formally is a vital step for us. This statement sums up everything we have learned and achieved on our journey so far and makes clear for everyone within Ardian and outside, the ambition that drives our actions.

Ardian has grown into one of the largest private investment managers in the world, but we cannot exist simply to get bigger: we must ask ourselves what purpose our growth serves. Our employees, especially the Millennial generation, strongly believe that Ardian must be part of the solution to the challenges that our societies face: lack of social mobility, environmental degradation, the universal need for sustainable employment and security in old age.

The vision of sustainability that we have put forward represents Ardian’s determination to play our role in addressing these challenges.

Dominique Senequier