Sustainability Report 2018
TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Sustainability Report 2018


Building a clean power champion

Ardian has a long and successful track record of dynamically owning and operating renewable energy assets. Since 2007, Ardian Infrastructure has built a diversified portfolio across wind, solar, hydro and biomass technologies together totaling 3GW. Investing in renewable energy assets brings together high value features: optimize returns and contribute to address climate change. The team invested in locations in Europe and the Americas that are efficient for renewable energy production. For instance, on the Northern edge of Norway, the South of Italy and the desert of Atacama: our assets are located where irradiation and wind capacity are the best.

Going forward Ardian Infrastructure will continue growing renewable platforms with a buy, build and develop strategy, premised upon an industrial value creation approach.

Our renewables portfolio is a competitive source of green electricity. In North America, the cost of generating electricity from onshore wind and from gas-fired plants is comparable. There is no need for public subsidies. On top, technological improvements will continue to increase renewable assets’ efficiency in the future, while the developments in battery and storage are likely to give them the same reliability as fossil fuels for power generation.


(as of first quarter 2019)

Ardian Infrastructure clean energy production capacity
across 9 countries – enough to power more than 1.5 million households

Question to Mathias Burghardt,

Head of Ardian Infrastructure and Member of the Executive Committee

How do you make sure that your companies take ESG factors into account?

“In all our investments we seek to align the interests of all our stakeholders, by ensuring that ESG objectives are included in the variable compensation schemes for every management team running Ardian Infrastructure assets. These KPIs are often linked to the health and safety of employees, including accident rates for example, and also to environmental targets where relevant. We are driven to guarantee the best outcome for our portfolio companies’ employees, users, local communities and our investors.”