Sustainability Report 2018
TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Sustainability Report 2018


Sea turtle equipped with argos satellite transmitter
Using technology to drive positive change
Provider of location and data collection satellites

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France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, Canada, US, Brazil, Peru, Australia, China, Indonesia, Morocco

Safeguarding the marine and land environment and providing information to support sustainable development is at the heart of CLS’s business. The company, which Ardian Expansion acquired in 2013, contributes directly to the achievement of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in numerous areas.

During Ardian’s ownership period CLS has refined its mission to focus on contributing to the protection of the planet and the sustainable management of its resources. At the corporate level, the company has also made important progress in its sustainability policies.

Key achievements

In 2017, 60% of CLS’s revenues came from activities that directly support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals:

of revenues in Climate Change and Biodiversity

Since 2017, CLS satellite services have been used to determine the position of boats using the company’s data centers. This activity, accounting for 21% of CLS’s revenues, contributes to the detection of illegal fishing and supports the preservation of aquatic animals and marine biodiversity.

of revenues in Economic Development, Sustainable Cities and Communities

CLS provides hydrology services, monitoring risks such as pollution and floods (1% of revenues) and undertakes crisis mapping of earthquakes and monitors rapid recovery plans (5% of revenues).

of revenues in the Fight Against Poverty and Empowerment of Vulnerable Communities

8,300 humanitarian vehicles are managed thanks to satellite monitoring provided by CLS. This activity, which accounts for 5% of the company’s revenues, helps to ensure humanitarian convoys can deliver vital supplies to populations in need, and therefore directly contributes to calling for the eradication of poverty.