Sustainability Report 2018
TOWARDS A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE - Sustainability Report 2018


Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders

Ardian is one of the world’s largest private investment managers, with $90bn under management or advised. We support economic growth and sustainable development through our investments in private equity, primary and secondary fund of funds, infrastructure, private debt and real estate, operating from a global network of 15 offices.

Ardian has always invested with the view that success involves more than just excellent financial returns. Our approach to business is founded on our view that finance has a responsibility to create positive social outcomes: security for the savers and pensioners whose money we invest; good working conditions for employees and a share in the success in our portfolio companies that they help to create; and, a beneficial impact from our activities on wider society. Our experience over many years proves that this approach can deliver both financial gains and large non-financial benefits, allowing us to build stronger and more resilient companies that provide more attractive opportunities for our investors and better workplaces for their employees. Since our foundation two decades ago, the importance of this thinking has grown enormously for us, our companies, our investors and for society at large. The world’s concern about sustainability and its expectations of companies like Ardian have evolved – and thanks to the success that our approach to investment has brought, Ardian has changed as well. We have now reached a size and global reach that means our activities can have a much greater impact on society, both financial and non-financial. We are excited by the opportunity and the responsibility that our global scale gives us, but we also understand that we do not have all the answers. We are clear in our aims and we will continue to experiment and learn so that we can achieve them more effectively than ever.