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Ardian’s fifth pillar of investment activity

" Our aim is to develop the fifth pillar of Ardian on the European non-residential real estate market with a highly experienced multi-local team "
Bertrand Julien-Laferrière
Head of Real Estate

A focus on the European non-residential real estate market. The team will invest in commercial and other non-residential real estate asset classes in continental Europe and aims to manage over €2bn in 5 years. Ardian’s latest activity will give global investors exposure to quality, high-potential real estate investment opportunities delivered by a trusted and reliable partner.

A multi-local presence with a long-term and disciplined investment philosophy. Ardian has built an enviable track record and reputation for investment excellence. As with the other four pillars, this heritage is providing a solid foundation in the minds of investors globally who seek opportunities in real estate across Europe. Ardian will put in place an international team in key markets, starting with France, Italy and Germany. The company will benefit from the expertise and local knowledge of senior professionals who will capitalize on the existing strong network of Ardian in Europe.

Take advantage from experienced leaders. Led by the expertise and experience of industry veteran Bertrand Julien-Laferrière, Ardian Real Estate will benefit from the know-how and expertise of a leading international real estate team to become a European key player of this industry in the next 10 years.

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Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 130 businesses.