Corporate social responsibility

Our CSR policy is fully integrated to Ardian’s activities

Ardian integrates environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the whole investment process, from due diligence to investment decision, through holding period and exit.

Consistently with Ardian’s values which is grounded in the deep conviction that the creation of value derives from a combination of investment discipline, long-term partnership with portfolio companies and funds, reasonable use of bank leverage, transparency and the ability to listen to stakeholders, Ardian is committed to act as a responsible company.

■ With regard to investment activities, this translates into a mainstream approach of responsible investment.

ESG criteria is therefore considered in all of its funds and at all stages, from due diligence to ownership and exit.
In addition to this mainstream approach, Ardian applies a negative screening approach and strictly avoids investing in companies that operate in sectors it considers unethical, such as firearms and Tobacco.

■ At the corporate level, this commitment translates in initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of Ardian activities and to favor the development of long term fruitful relationships with employees, clients, suppliers and the whole society.

On a daily basis, investment professionals and support functions are responsible for implementing ESG-related initiatives within their sphere of operations. The CSR Officer, together with the firm's CSR Committee, monitor progress, provide support and develop implementation tools on ESG-related matters.

In line with the objective to continuously reinforce our process and to improve our ESG guidelines for the investment teams, we have formalized Ardian Responsible Investment Policy.

For a detailed assessment of Ardian’s ESG performance please consult the "UNPRI’s Assessment Report for 2015"

Ardian's CSR commitment is formalized in its CSR charter, published in 2009.

Ardian published in 2015 its CSR Brochure.

Our commitments

  • Our investors

    • Apply strict investment discipline in all our investment activity (ethical sector screening)
    • Ensure transparent reporting and premium servicing to our clients, providing timely, reliable information
    • Achieve best-in-class performance by creating long-term value
    • Adhere to the principles of fairness, free competition, objectivity, transparency and accountability
  • Our investments

    • Incorporate ESG criteria into the whole investment process
    • Maintain sustainable partnerships to help companies to develop
    • Facilitate growth at portfolio companies by providing both industry expertise and financial resources
    • At exit, sharing the value created by redistributing a bonus to portfolio company employees (Rollon and Duplomatic are the latest examples)
  • Our employees

    • Encourage the individual development of our employees through tailored training and international development programmes
    • Continue to support diversity and equal opportunities throughout the company
    • 25% of employees began their careers at Ardian as interns
  • The community

    • Through the Ardian Foundation, the company supports philanthropic programs focused on education and social entrepreneurship. The Foundation seeks to provide opportunities for students of all backgrounds
    • Ardian has built strong community links with official associations and regulators to create fair rules for investment.
    • To promote ESG good practices within the industry, Ardian supports international initiatives, which help to shape its overall organization and work. These include: United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments, UNPRI; United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, EVCA; Association française des investisseurs pour la croissance, AFIC; Association française de Gestion Financière, AFG
  • The environment

    • We take into account suppliers’ environmental guidelines
    • Implement eco-friendly initiatives throughout the company, ranging from mass recycling to the use of eco-friendly buildings for new offices
    • Ardian, along with four other GPs, launched the first private equity initiative to manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions for their portfolio companies: the Initiative Carbone 2020.

Ardian has been GIPS compliant since 2004 (confirming quality and transparency of reporting) and SSAE 16 certified (confirming efficiency of internal controls and processes). This is a testament to the firm’s high governance standards and processes.

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