Our View
of the Future

From the Executive Committee

From left to right

  • Dominique Gaillard

    Head of Ardian Direct Funds

  • Olivier Decannière

    Head of Ardian UK

  • Jérémie Delecourt

    Head of Corporate and International Development

  • Dominique Senequier


  • Benoît Verbrugghe

    Head of Ardian US

  • Vincent Gombault

    Head of Ardian Funds of Funds and Ardian Private Debt

  • Mathias Burghardt

    Head of Ardian Infrastructure

  • Philippe Poletti

    Head of Ardian Mid Cap Buyout

2016 marked a turning point in Ardian’s growth. We have reached the milestone of $60bn of assets under management, and are firmly established among the world’s leading private investment companies. This means that today we have the strength to advance on multiple fronts simultaneously, aided by the growing power of our brand among the investor and entrepreneur community.

A strong and consistent investment performance has allowed us to invest in and reinforce our organization so that we can offer clients a better, faster and more flexible service - even as we rapidly increase assets under management. This is shown by the fact that our latest Funds of Funds, Infrastructure, Mid Cap Buyout and Expansion funds all closed at much larger sizes than the previous generations with exceptional support from existing LPs.

Our growth reflects a wider economic trend; investors are allocating more and more money to private market assets of all kinds, because they need alternatives to the public markets, which do not by themselves allow them to reach their targets in a context of low performances. Even during the worst financial crisis in living memory, the volatility of private equity between peak and trough was less than 20%, compared to 50% for public equity. Since then our asset class has continued to produce excellent performance. We are structuring and strengthening Ardian to reflect this long-term trend towards private investments by building a robust, global organization with world-leading IT infrastructure, excellent governance and risk management, strong analytical capability and rigorous investment processes that focus on identifying high-quality assets and understanding the drivers of value creation. These solid foundations have enabled us to extend our cautious approach to investing into new territories and asset classes, providing a growing range of private market investment opportunities for our clients.

Ardian has a strong corporate culture which we always want to keep improving. This is why we are initiating a major internal program entitled ‘Quest 2036’. As part of the project, a group of our younger staff will explore their views on Ardian, and ask themselves how they believe the company should develop and the values that it should follow. In turn, Ardian will look at the proposals and aim to make tangible changes as a result. Our culture is incredibly important in gaining competitive advantage, and we are determined to strengthen it as we grow. We believe our talented young staff should play a central role in this process.

In the year that we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we must remember that the ambitious young talent throughout Ardian should be at the centre of our plans for the next 20 years.